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E-mail details of continental steel
Sales sales@consteel.com.sg
Mr Simon Koh simon.koh@consteel.com.sg
Mr Chong S C scchong@consteel.com.sg
Mr Simon Koh simon.koh@consteel.com.sg
Sales Admin sales.admin@consteel.com.sg
Ms Katherine Lim limsk@consteel.com.sg
Admin admin@consteel.com.sg
Ms Katherine Lim limsk@consteel.com.sg
Accounts accounts@consteel.com.sg
Ms Lim Chwee Wah chweewah@consteel.com.sg
Purchasing purchasing@consteel.com.sg
Ms Katherine Lim limsk@consteel.com.sg
Cut & Bend
Mr Simon Koh simon.koh@consteel.com.sg
QA / Warehouse warehouse@consteel.com.sg
Subsidiaries PT Continental Steel
Vice President Sales
Irwan Muhari
Rosalina Brata
Administrative Assistant
Ursulla Dwi Prasetio
Mr Melvin Soh MSOH@consteel.com.sg
Mr Ronnie Lim ronnie.lim@consteel.com.sg
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