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      Our Manifesto

      For us, groundbreaking begins long before shovels first hit the earth.
      It begins with innovation, dreaming up new ways to build with steel.
      It begins with an engineering idea.
      That’s where we start.
      If it can be imagined, it can be engineered.
      Steel has enabled the wildest dreams, and supported the newest industries.

      Smart homes.
      Advanced structures for new industries.

      Steel has re-shaped the landscape of our planet and environment.

      Our only limit is your imagination.

      We bring 40 years of tempered experience to every project.
      40 years of new ideas, of constantly seeking the next big idea.

      Our steel is a unique alloy of engineering, innovation and trust.
      Here’s to another 40 years of trusted engineering innovation.

      40th Anniversary

      Celebrating 40 years of engineering innovation and growth. Led by unique steel solutions, multi-disciplinary expertise and breadth of industry experience. Over the next 40 years, we will be bringing more innovation that built the foundation of Continental Steel in its first four decades.


      The day-to-day management of the Continental Steel business is taken care of by our senior leadership team, who each manage diverse parts of the business operations. 

      Company Profile

      From our humble beginnings in 1982 with a 370 square-foot rental office with only 2 employees, we’ve since grown to become one of the largest premier steel suppliers in South East Asia. We currently operate from our 350,000 square-foot, fully covered, multi-storey warehouse and office complex with 100 loyal employees.

      Beyond pure steel trading, we also stock a full range of structural steel that satisfies the exacting needs of the construction, oil and gas, marine and renewable industries.

      Our strong working relationships with steel mills throughout the world built over the years, paired with strong support from our bankers gives us complete confidence to meet steel needs for any project, at any scale.

      Our 350,000 square-foot fully covered multi-storey warehouse, Southeast Asia’s first, comprises the following facilities:

      • Stockholding capacity for 150,000 tons of material

      • Rust protected storage

      • 24 remote-controlled heavy-duty overhead cranes with magnetic capabilities


      Continental Steel is ISO accredited and was awarded BizSafe Star, the highest safety award ranking in Singapore.


      These milestones trace an arc of growth and our commitment to progress.

      Continental Steel Pte Ltd incorporated


      Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning System, integrating sales, inventory management, administrative and accounting functions

      Incorporation of Viewforth Trading & Engineering Pte Ltd, our cutting and drilling services subsidiary


      Distribution agreement with British Steel for hollow sections

      Incorporation of Conblast Industries Pte Ltd, our blast and prime services subsidiary


      Opening of 100 Gul Circle, our current multi-storey covered steel warehouse facility


      ISO9001 certification


      Incorporation of P.T. Continental Steel, our Indonesian stockholding and distribution services subsidiary


      Supply, fabrication and delivery of King Posts for the Changi Jewel project


      Distribution agreement with ArcelorMittal for Histar460


      Supply of secondary steel for Taiwan Windfarm

      Distribution agreement with ArcelorMittal for Steel Fibres


      Supply of Steel Fibres for Phase 2 of the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS) Project


      Celebrating 40 years of Continental Steel


      Working with Continental Steel

      Commitment to Progress

      At Continental Steel, our success is underpinned by our diversity of experiences. Everyone of us brings unique strengths and perspectives to the table, adding value to every undertaking.

      We don’t scare easy. We’re always excited and ready to challenge the status quo, breaking convention to deliver innovation for our customers.

      We work hard. But we also value a joyful work culture where people are energised by being part of a great team that values play. We are open-minded, empathetic, respectful, and we take time to recognise and celebrate the contribution and success of our people.

      If you’d like to see your skills in action, and applying yourself to results sculpted in steel, rising above the skyline and standing the test of time, you may want to join the Continental Steel family.

      What We Value

      We share a reverence for steel, and our 4 core values:

      • Aim Higher. Change is the only constant. Engineering Innovation and transformation is our calling and for us, a great workplace is a dream team in pursuit of ambitious goals.

      • Continuous Learning. People are our most important asset and critical to our growth. We recognise that employee engagement and satisfaction is not just tied to being challenged and rewarded but also how they are supported through work experience, training and personal growth in a rapidly changing environment.

      • We, Not I. None of us is as smart as all of us. We believe diversity ignites innovation, through the spark of different, sharp minds. Just as we invest in building strong, long-term business relationships, we also share wisdom and sweat the details as a team.

      • People & Planet. Our workplace is characterised by the same values our business is built on – trust and a strong sense of responsibility. We care for the people, community and environment where we work, live and do business in.


      We deal in one of the world's most recyclable and sustainable materials — permanent, forever reusable – essential in the construction of transport infrastructure, buildings and countless other daily applications. Steel is infinitely recyclable, at the rate of c. 90%, making it ideal for a sustainable yet circular economy.

      We believe sustainable steel is a long-term investment aimed at yielding enormous environmental benefits while ensuring long-term value. Our commitment to our planet is evident in our products, with approximately 85% of our steel supply originating from recycled steel.

      Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, from the quality of our products, to our employees’ safety and welfare, and last but not least, the continued safeguarding of our environment.